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accelerated treatment

While all of Dr. Alba’s orthodontic treatment options are faster than traditional approaches to orthodontics, now we’re offering one of the most exciting advances in accelerated orthodontic treatment ever developed. It’s called Acceledent®, and just like the name sounds, it speeds tooth movement – by as much as 50%.

Acceledent can be added at any time during Invisalign treatment. You wear it only 20 minutes a day and it uses gentle micro-pulses (vibrations) to stimulate the bones in your jaw so that your teeth move more quickly into the desired position prescribed by Dr. Alba. With Acceledent, you go from “before” to “after” in half the time. There's no discomfort related to using the device, just the excitement of seeing your beautiful smile appear more quickly. This is a great addition to orthodontic treatment whether you're anticipating a future big event (like a wedding) or if you just can't wait to see a beautiful smile on your face.

Be sure to mention accelerated orthodontics to our treatment coordinator or Dr. Alba when you're in for your appointment.