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At Alba Orthodontics we think your smile has the power to open up infinite possibilities in your life. We believe that because we hear it from our patients all the time. An Alba Orthodontics Smile can help you make a great first impression that lasts long after you've left the room. The confidence of a new smile can help you whether you're in school, at work or at play. There's no end to the ways a beautiful healthy smile can make things happen.

Mechanicsburg Orthodontist Dr. Fred Alba is known for his ability to craft each smile to bring out the very best in each person. Whether you choose Damon Smile® braces, Invisalign™ or Invisalign Teen™, Dr. Alba and the team at Alba Orthodontics will have you smiling from the minute you start until long after you're done.

The right choice in an orthodontist makes all the difference. Orthodontics with Dr. Fred Alba is about more than a beautiful smile; it’s about creating a smile that is perfect for the individual. Dr. Alba believes that every detail matters. So when you combine Dr. Alba's attention to detail with his artistry and mix in the latest technology, you get results that open up a world of infinite possibilities.
Dr. Alba has been living and practicing in Cumberland County for over 25 years. Combine his local roots and his clinical expertise and it’s not surprising that he has created thousands of beautiful, healthy smiles in the Mechanicsburg area. Dr. Alba's goal is to provide you with the best results, in the shortest amount of time. Because getting the smile you want sooner means you'll sooner see the infinite possibilities that a new smile brings.

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