Be Ready For Anything

True orthodontic emergencies are very rare, but when they happen, we’re available.

As a general rule, you should call the office at (717) 697-6393 when you experience significant pain or an appliance problem that you can't take care of yourself.

Here to Help

If at all possible, call first before coming to the office. If you do that, we will try hard to schedule the appointment with enough time to also do your next routine appointment, thereby saving you the added trip.

If your appliances aren’t repaired quickly, it can negatively affect your treatment progress.

Sometimes, it is easier to fix the problem yourself rather than make a car trip into the office. Again, we are always happy to see you, but the solutions listed below might be an option for you.

Only the most severe emergencies require immediate attention by Drs. Alba.


Evenings & Weekends

If you need to contact us on a weekend or an evening, please call (717) 697-6393. The voice prompts will then guide you to connect with one of our team members.