Why see an orthodontist near me?

There are online services for seemingly everything now—grocery shopping, personal stylists, media streaming platforms, dog walkers, food delivery, and, surprisingly, prescriptions! Even here at Alba Orthodontics, we give new patients the option for a virtual consultation, and some orthodontic companies are 100% online!

It’s not just the world wide web changing the orthodontic “game.” Some dental healthcare providers allow you to skip the orthodontist entirely and receive orthodontic treatment through them.

While we will always encourage you to do what is best for you, we urge you to consider seeing an in-person orthodontist for your orthodontic needs. If you’re wondering why we believe an in-person orthodontist can deliver the best orthodontic care, keep reading!

Thorough Examinations!

Direct-to-consumer orthodontic services boast the convenience of receiving orthodontic care without leaving your home. They will mail you an at-home mold impressions kit and ask you to send them pictures of your mouth. They then use this information to plan your treatment, usually with clear aligners, without you ever stepping into an orthodontist’s office.

While we agree it is very convenient and quick, it is deceptively simple. Unfortunately, when these companies gather information this way, they miss a lot of important details! Besides the fact that at-home impressions are easy to mess up, images and mold impressions are only half the picture! 

Before starting orthodontic care, your teeth and jaw must be in good health. Sometimes, clues to your mouth’s health are under the surface, and the surface-level pictures you take at home does not allow an adequate examination of your mouth or jaw placement. Attempting to move the teeth when they are not ready can cause unnecessary pain and damage your smile. 

An in-person office can thoroughly examine the health and condition of your entire mouth with X-rays, digital scans, mold impressions, and other tools you won’t get from home. In-person staff can also answer any questions you have quickly and give personalized advice or responses based on your unique situation. Every tiny detail matters when it comes to something as important as your teeth. Alba Orthodontics’ thorough examination won’t let anything fall through the cracks, meaning your orthodontic journey will be as safe, effective, and comfortable as possible.

Multiple treatment Options!

Many direct-to-consumer companies have just one treatment option—clear aligners—which is not the right option for everyone. Often, they don’t offer jaw alignment correction, either.

Alba Orthodontics is proud to have various treatment options! Most of our treatment choices allow for jaw alignment as well! We offer modern takes on traditional braces with Insignia and Damon, InBrace hidden braces with Smartwires, and Spark Clear Aligners, who our very own Dr. Jeff Alba works closely with. These options are some of the most advanced orthodontic technology available today, all of which allow some customization to suit your individual needs better and help you quickly see the smile of your dreams in the mirror.

Knowledgeable and Experienced Orthodontists!

Every orthodontist has to become a dentist first, but not every dentist receives a plethora of orthodontic training. Our orthodontists Dr. Fred Alba and Dr. Jeff Alba have received extensive orthodontic education and training over several years. Orthodontists are specifically trained in the alignment of your teeth and jaw, so they work with more field-specific knowledge than a dentist. Like direct-to-consumer online services, dentists often only dispense one or two treatment options, and you might be a better fit for one they do not offer.

Both of our orthodontists are active members of multiple orthodontic organizations. These memberships allow them to meet with others in their occupation and continue their education, so you know you’re receiving up-to-date care from capable hands.

On top of that, Dr. Fred Alba earned his dental degree in Pennsylvania and raised his son, Dr. Jeff Alba, in the Mechanicsburg, PA community. Both are honored and ecstatic to have their orthodontic practice as a way to give back to the community that has helped them achieve their career goals.

Affordable Care That Won’t Shatter Your Piggy Bank!

A smile transformation does more than change your look; it changes your life! Every year, many patients are deterred from looking into orthodontic care because of the misconception that it is too costly. We won’t lie to you—orthodontic care can get pricey depending on the severity or complexity of your needs, but for most patients, the expenditure is not nearly as much as they anticipated.

Providing quality orthodontic care at a reasonable price is something we take pride in at Alba Orthodontics. We don’t ever want someone’s number one reason for avoiding vital healthcare to be the price, but we do understand it’s one of the biggest questions when you’re considering starting treatment for you or your family.

Alba Orthodontics believes in transparency. After your initial consultation, our team will review the expected cost with you and break it down. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying for and why. Then, we’ll do the heavy lifting with your insurance company to ensure you receive all the benefits you’re eligible for. We have over 25 years of experience communicating with 8+ insurance companies, so you can feel confident that we have got you covered no matter how complicated your insurance company tries to be!

If you still have a bill after your insurance is applied, there’s no need to stress! We offer financing, payment plans, and accept most major debit and credit cards. Our team can also work with you to create a custom payment plan so that you can get excellent care at a budget-friendly cost.

Healthcare shouldn’t drain your savings or your rainy-day piggy bank fund. At Alba Orthodontics, we aim for your question, “How can I afford this?” to become, “Wow! I can’t believe how affordable this is!” without sacrificing treatment quality. 

Why see an orthodontist near me?

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