Why Teens Should Get Orthodontic Treatment

For a good reason, braces are associated most commonly with teenagers! While people of all ages can benefit from orthodontic care, there’s no perfect age to receive care (everyone’s needs and lives are different); teens are excellent candidates! Alba Orthodontics is thrilled to offer care to your beloved young adults. To find out our top reasons why teens should get orthodontic treatment, keep reading!

Saves Your Teen Time And Money In The Future

One of the biggest reasons teens are excellent orthodontic patients is because of their bones! Unlike adults, teens’ bones are still developing, meaning changes will be easier to manipulate brand-new Play-Dough! Why is this important? Well, it makes treatment quicker and simpler. As you age, orthodontic work becomes more complicated because your bones have set and solidified.

For example, consider Violent, a teenager, and Olivander, an adult. Both have had the same orthodontic issue for their entire lives and went to see an orthodontist. Violet discovered she could undergo a simple, non-invasive treatment, such as braces or Invisalign. However, Olivander learned he would need more complex treatments like pulling teeth, cosmetic surgery, corrective jaw surgery, or other invasive procedures because his condition has worsened over time, and his bones have become used to it! It is also important to note that even if Violet and Olivander can use the same treatment option, Violet will probably finish treatment faster than him since her bones have not solidified yet. 

Ultimately, no matter the course of action the two take, both will end up with gorgeous smiles and functional bites, but Olivander will likely have to put much more time, money, and effort into his care than Violet.

Improved Mental Health

Unfortunately, misalignment can negatively affect your teen’s mental health! Other children might be rude or discriminatory to your teen based on their appearance. If your teen does not like what they see in the mirror or feels negatively different from their peers, they could have an increased chance of having lower than average self-esteem. Poor alignment can also lead to breathing problems, like sleep apnea, and communication issues, such as a lisp or unintentional spitting. Fatigue and struggles to speak or be understood can lead to irritability, isolation, poor performance in hobbies or academics, and depression.

Inward or outward negative emotions toward their malocclusion can make it more challenging for them to make platonic, romantic, or professional connections. If not addressed, your child could develop anxiety and depression.

At Alba Orthodontics, we are thrilled to share our top reasons why teens should get orthodontic treatment!

Simpler Oral Hygiene Routine

At some point in your life, you likely had to clean something or somewhere with lots of nooks and crannies. Do you remember how frustrating and difficult it was to clean and keep clean? If your teen suffers from teeth misalignment or jaw placement, there is a strong possibility that they feel similar emotions about their dental hygiene!

Malocclusion creates hard-to-reach places where bacteria, plaque, and food love to hide and get to work eroding their enamel. Over time, this will lead to bad breath, tooth decay, gum disease, infections, and other oral health concerns that have the potential to cause permanent damage to their teeth and gums, including (but limited to) tooth loss! Teens who constantly struggle with performing their routine adequately or constantly suffer from oral health issues could quickly feel demotivated or unenthusiastic toward dental care. They won’t want to perform their routine fully because it is hard or because there doesn’t seem to be any point in trying since they can’t maintain their oral health anyway.

Orthodontic care can align your teen’s teeth and jaw and make oral hygiene significantly easier, helping them to form healthy, consistent habits that will save them (once again) time and money down the road. 

Reduces Risk Of Damage Or Pain

If your teen is active, protruding teeth are more likely to become chipped, broken, or experience trauma injury.

Overcrowded or overly spaced-out teeth can grind and rub against each other, especially subconsciously at night (bruxism). This friction can wear down the enamel, leaving your teen vulnerable to bacteria, plaque, and tartar.

Braces can align the teeth and straighten protruding teeth, protecting them from sudden or gradual damage and the potential of developing TMJ, an uncomfortable lifetime condition in the jaw joint! Proper alignment can also reduce pain and discomfort from breathing issues like sleep apnea by improving tongue posture and air passageways.

At Alba Orthodontics, we are thrilled to share our top reasons why teens should get orthodontic treatment!

Let Alba Orthodontics Transform Your Teen’s Smile Today!

If you are curious about more ways orthodontic care can improve your teen’s life, contact our office for more information! Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Fred or Jeff Alba to learn if your teen qualifies for treatment! They’ll gladly help you determine the best treatment option and create a personalized treatment plan.