What Do Rubber Bands Do for Braces

Getting braces is a big transition for anyone, especially with the addition of extra care techniques like rubber bands. Learning new ways of eating, brushing, flossing, and attaching and removing rubber bands daily can be a challenge. Thankfully, the team at Alba Orthodontics is ready to help set up each and every patient for success with their braces! And remember: rubber bands are temporary, but a beautiful, healthy smile can last a lifetime!

Why You Might Need Rubber Bands

While everyone’s orthodontic journey is unique, nearly all patients with braces will need rubber bands at some point during their treatment. Though inconvenient, rubber bands are essential to the process, helping to correct bite alignment, reduce overbites or underbites, and close gaps or spaces between your teeth.

Rubber bands come in different sizes, colors, and resistances. The doctors at Alba Orthodontics are experts at using rubber bands to assist with teeth and jaw alignment and will give you exactly what you need, along with detailed instructions and support on how to use them most effectively. 

How Rubber Bands Help with Orthodontic Care

There are multiple ways that orthodontists can create alignment in the mouth, but the combination of braces and rubber bands is the most common. They are much easier to manage than bulky headgear. Plus, tooth-colored rubber bands can blend in with your natural smile or you can choose colored elastics to add some fun and personality to your grin!

Learning how braces and rubber bands work can help you put them to their best use. Instead of thinking of it as tedious to remove and attach slippery bands throughout the day, you are actually partnering with your doctor to help move your teeth more efficiently.

Braces work by securing wires and brackets along each row of teeth on the top and the bottom. Adjusting these brackets can align each row of teeth alongside each other, but it doesn’t correct the alignment between the top and bottom sets of teeth. This is where rubber bands come in to create resistance between the bottom and top!

Wearing rubber bands as directed by Dr. Alba will help move your teeth and jaw into the best alignment for a beautiful smile and better oral health.

How to Set Yourself Up for Success with Rubber Bands 

When it comes to using rubber bands, the first and most important lesson is paying close attention to Dr. Alba’s instructions at each and every appointment. They are experts at watching your progress, and adjusting your rubber band regime over the course of your treatment to get results as fast as possible!

Typically, Dr. Alba will request that you wear your rubber bands 24/7, removing them only for meals and to brush and floss teeth. It’s especially important to keep them on when sleeping and to change the bands after each removal to ensure cleanliness. Be sure to keep an extra bag of elastics on hand, and to only use the rubber bands that Alba Orthodontics supplies. 

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Regardless of whether you end up needing braces, elastics, or some other form of orthodontic care, Alba Orthodontics is the perfect place to start your journey. Recognized in the Central Pennsylvania area for their excellence in orthodontics, you know you’ll end up with a sparkling smile. Schedule your free consultation at our Mechanicsburg office today!